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What is UGAMail?

UGAMail is the campus email service powered by the Microsoft Live@EDU service. It provides access to email, calendaring, and task management using the robust web interface (Outlook Web App, or OWA), desktop clients such as Outlook 2010, and through smart phones (e.g. iPhone, Android devices).

How Do I Access UGAMail?

UGAMail can be accessed online through the following locations:

You may also configure a desktop client or mobile device to check your UGAMail account. Please see the Documentation & Setup Guides tab above for specific instructions.

How Do I Configure an Email Client for UGAMail?

Outlook 2007-2011, Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, the iPhone, iPad and Android devices can all be configured to use the UGAMail system.

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Video Documentation and Support

Welcome to the microvideo documentation section of the new UGAMail website. This page will contain textual, video, and image-based tutorials that document your frequently asked questions. Please check this page periodically for new 'microvideos' and accompanying step-by-step guides. Navigation options are available to the right.

Featured Video Tutorial

Setting Up an Email Client

There are two methods of setting up your UGAMail client: using autodiscover through Exchange or manually using the proper server settings for IMAP/SMTP. With Exchange, you can not only sync your mail, but also your contacts, calendar, and advanced account configuration.

Using Exchange

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Video Text

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Video Text

Mac Mail (Snow Leopard/10.6 and newer only)

Video Text

Entourage 2008

Video Text

Outlook 2011


Using IMAP

Outlook 2003

Video Text

Outlook 2007

Video Text

Outlook 2010

Video Text

Outlook Express


Mozilla Thunderbird 3

Video Text

Entourage 2008

Video Text

Mac Mail

Video Text

Eudora 7.1


IMAP/SMTP Settings for Other Programs

Video Text

Mobile Devices

Windows Mobile




iPhone/iPad (iOS 4, Exchange instructions)


Android (Exchange; Android OS 1.5+ email and contacts only)


Importing Contacts into UGAMail

Outlook 2007

Video Text

Outlook 2010

Video Text

Copying & Saving Messages to and from UGAMail Webmail

Outlook 2003

Video Text

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Video Text

Thunderbird 3

Video Text

Mac Mail (Snow Leopard Only)

Video Text

Entourage 2008

Video Text

Features, Settings, & Troubleshooting

Feature Overviews

Using UGAMail Webmail (OWA)

Video Text

Sharing Your Inbox with Another User

Video Text

Introduction to the Global Address List

Video Text

Using Categories

Video Text

Filters and Configuration

Setting a Vacation Message

Video Text

Fowarding Your Email

Video Text

Downloading from UGAMail in Gmail


Connecting Accounts to UGAMail (Send/Receive Email from Other Accounts)

Video Text

Using Inbox Rules (Examples of message filters)

Video Text


Recovering Deleted Items

Video Text

UGAMail Calendar

Sharing a Calendar / Changing Permissions

Outlook 2007

Video Text
Outlook 2010 Video Text
Adding a Delegate

Outlook 2007

Video Text
Outlook 2010 Video Text


Sharing Files in SkyDrive

Video Text

Training & Demonstration Session Recordings

Detailed UGAMail Documentation

Presentation Documents

Microsoft Guides

Top Questions

  1. How do I set up Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or my mobile phone to check my UGAMail account?
  2. How do I re-configure my email client after changing my MyID password?
  3. Why am I not receiving any mail in my UGAMail account?
  4. Why can't I send messages through OWA?
  5. Why can't I send any more messages today?

Access/Login Issues

What are the browser requirements for using the new UGAMail?

UGAMail is powered by Microsoft's Outlook Web Application (OWA). Check Microsoft's OWA browser requirements for details on compatible browsers. Most popular browsers for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are supported.

Known Issues with Specific Browsers

  • Google Chrome, when combined with the Skype toolbar, can cause issues sending messages through the Outlook Web interface. To disable this toolbar:
  1. Click on the wrench icon (next to the address bar).
  2. Go to Tools -> Extensions
  3. Choose "Disable" next to the Skype Toolbar entry.

  • Firefox 8, currently, cannot download attachments in the Outlook Web App interface correctly. All attachment downloads will result in a ".ashx" file. For now, we recommend using a different web browser (or an older version of Firefox) if you need to download an attachment.

General Questions

What is the Microsoft Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

The Outlook Web App is the product that powers UGAMail webmail; in this environment, OWA is synonymous with UGAMail web-based email.

How do I change my Display Name?

After migration, many users are reporting that the display name associated with their UGAMail account has changed. Users can change this information by:

  • Log in to UGAMail via or
  • Click on Options (in the top right corner)
  • Click on the Edit icon (in the Account Information window in the middle of the screen)
  • Change "First Name", "Last Name" or "Display Name" as desired
  • Click the Save icon

How much email storage do I have?

10 Gigabytes.

How large can email attachments be?

Up to 10 MB per attachment. The total message size for an email (text/HTML, attachments) is 25MB.

How do I send messages to multiple recipients?

Unlike the old system, multiple email addresses/recipients must be separated with semi-colons rather than commas in the To:, CC:, and BCC fields (e.g.;;

How do I forward my email?

Do Skydrive and UGAMail share a quota?

No, the Skydrive quota (25GB) and the UGAMail quota (10GB) are separate.

Why can I not send any more messages today?

To prevent spamming from bots and compromised computers, most mail services limit the number of messages and recipients one can send for a period of time. A list of these restrictions for UGAMail are available at the link below:

  • If you or your organization sends out massive amounts of messages per day, we recommend setting up a Listserv, or using our Mailgateway server. Please contact the Help Desk for details.

Can EITS add more features to the email system?

UGAMail utilizes the Live@EDU service provided by Microsoft. Any feature requests for UGAMail can be posted on the Live@EDU feedback forum:

Are email addresses still limited to 2-8 characters?

Due to various MyID-related factors, this character limitation will remain in place.

What is Exchange?

Exchange Server is a Microsoft product used by many businesses and organizations to provide email, calendar, contacts and more to their users. The new UGAMail solution runs on this service. Although any email client capable of IMAP and POP3 connections can send and receive mail from an Exchange server, only more recent programs can take advantage of all the features of Exchange, including calendar, contact list, and task list synchronization. Such programs include Outlook 2007 and later, Entourage 2008 (Web Services Edition), Mac Mail, and many mobile devices (including Android devices, Windows Mobile phones and the iPhone).

Email Clients

How do I configure my email client?

  • Instructions for setting up your favorite email client, as well as mobile devices, can be found at the top of this document.

How do I re-configure my email client when I have to change my MyID password in six months?

Passwords are not automatically updated in email clients once updated on the MyID website. Sometimes email clients will not prompt you for the new password; and instead, they will silently fail to authenticate. If the latter occurs, you will need to manually update the password.

For IMAP Users

In Outlook 2003/2007:

  1. Select Tools
  2. Go to Account Settings
  3. Select UGAMail account and then Change
  4. Update password entry on this page

In Outlook 2010:

  1. Select File
  2. Account Settings box
  3. Account Settings from the drop down
  4. Select UGAMail account and then Change
  5. Update password on this page

For Exchange Users

  1. Go to the control panel
  2. Click Mail
  3. Click Email Accounts
  4. Select the UGAMail Account, choose Change
  5. Click on More Settings
  6. Choose the Security tab
  7. Check "Always prompt for credentials"

Can I use my cell phone to check the new UGAMail system?

Yes. Cell phones with internet browsers may access the new UGAMail service through the web interface. Phones with IMAP/POP email or Exchange applications can be used to check and manage UGAMail. Instructions on configuring them can be found in our Documentation & Setup Guides.

Can I view the Global Address List in Entourage 2008?

At this time there is no built in way to search the GAL from Entourage2008 with Exchange Web Services. However, it will auto-complete email addresses you begin to type in the recipients fields (To:, Cc:, or Bcc:).

Thunderbird: Attachments are Corrupted / Incomplete for PDF Issues

  • There is an incompatibility between Thunderbird and some e-mail servers that may result in attachments becoming corrupted or appearing incomplete when downloaded using Thunderbird.
  • To resolve this:
  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General tab and click on the Config Editor button
  3. In the Filter: box, enter: mail.server.default.fetch_by_chunks
  4. Double click the resulting entry to set the value to false
  5. Close the Config Editor window, then click OK
    • Important: Due to the way Thunderbird caches messages and attachments, this will only affect new incoming messages. You will need to delete and then re-setup the account, which will forcibly redownload the older attachments.

Thunderbird: Why are deleted messages reappearing in my trash folder?

This is possibly due to a miscommunication between the email server and Thunderbird. There are two ways to fix this:

  • Create a "Trash" folder in UGAMail webmail. Restart Thunderbird.
  • Set your default "Trash" folder in Thunderbird to Deleted Items. To do this:
    1. Go to Server Settings underneath the mail account.
    2. Under the Server Settings heading in the Server Settings tab, underneath When I delete a message: choose Move it to this folder: and choose the Deleted Items folder.

How do I get Outlook to autocomplete addresses based on last name rather than first?

When resolving names from the contact list, Outlook will start the autocomplete process if it matches a few characters in the first name. For example, if you start typing in "Jane," in the To: field, it will find any contact whose first name begins with a J; the same is not true if you begin typing "Staffman," unless their first name is "Staff" or something similar. The best way around this is to use the "Check Names" function. Type in part of a person's name, then either click on the "Check Names" button, or press "ctrl+k". This function will check through all addressed email messages and match them to the best result; if the name you've typed is not unique enough, it'll bring up a list of names that are closest.

Using UGAMail Webmail (OWA)

How do I set a vacation message?

Please see the article:

How do I see my UGAMail quota?

  • Hover your mouse over your name in the folder list and let it sit for a few moments. A tool tip will appear with your quota. See an example image below:
  • Image:Quota.png

How do I turn off message threading / threaded messages / conversations?

  1. In the message list (the center column), there is text that reads “Arrange by:” By default, the text next to this reads, “Date” with a downward arrow to the right. Click this arrow.
  2. At the bottom of this list is “Conversation,” which is currently checked. Uncheck this, and it will reorganize your message list.

How do I delete an attachment in a new message?

If you've accidentally attached a file or document to a new message and wish to get rid of it, click on the attachment name, then hit the "Delete" or "Del" key on your keyboard.

How do I send and receive mail from other accounts?

It is possible to receive messages from other non-UGA accounts, as well as send messages using their IMAP and SMTP settings. This is called "connecting" your account. Please see the following article:

Can I allow other users to see my UGAMail inbox?

Yes, but it requires your account to be configured in a program capable of setting mailbox permissions (i.e. Outlook 2007/2010). Please see the following article:

Where is the "This is spam" button/link?

  • Right click on the offending spam message in the message list and go to Junk E-Mail -> Add Sender to Blocked Senders List. This will move the message to Junk E-Mail as well.
    • Alternatively, in the reading pane, choose Actions and then Junk E-Mail -> Add Sender to Blocked Senders List.

How do you view message headers in OWA?

  • In OWA, open the message by double clicking on it on the message list (or pressing the rectangle with the arrow in it next to the Actions in the reading pane).
    • If it is a threaded message, double click on the appropriate message in the list.
  • Click on the 7th button (envelope with a letter in front of it/Message Details) to view the headers.

How do I set up message filters to send messages to a certain folder?

Please view the guide below to see examples of how to set up message filters (inbox rules):

  • Using Inbox Rules
  • If you require help setting up a specific message filter, please contact us.

Is it possible to import or export contacts in webmail?

At this time, it is not possible to import nor export contacts in the UGAMail web interface. You will need to use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, 2010, or Entourage 2008 with an Exchange setup.

Troubleshooting and Support

I am having a number of issues with my mobile device. Is this a known problem?

There are a large number of non-standard behaviors persistent within UGAMail and mobile devices not currently listed in this FAQ. If you cannot find your answer here, please check the following Microsoft knowledgebase article:

I accidentally deleted a message from my trash that I need. Can I recover it?

Yes. There is a sort of recycle bin available in UGAMail webmail that you can recover. Please see the following article:

I am forwarding my email, but messages from Listserv are getting delivery failures. Why?

Please only use the forwarding method listed on this forwarding article. The forwarding option located under "Connected Accounts" does not function properly with some senders (e.g. Listserv).

I tried to send a message, but got an error about Social Security Numbers being restricted. What happened?

Description: When attempting send a message, you receive a rejection notice that states the following:

Message not sent: the transmission of Social Security Numbers is restricted. For help contact the Help Desk at 706-542-3106.

Generally, you will receive this message if you are attempting to send an SSN in your sent email. This can very rarely lead to false positives. If you are including a legitimate number in your sent message (e.g. delivery confirmation, international phone), please contact us via telephone at 706-542-3106.

Why can't I send to multiple recipients / Why am I getting the error: "No Match Found"?

More than likely, there is a syntax error or incorrect email address in the "To:" field.

  • Make sure each address is separated with a semi-colon (not a comma).
  • Check each address to make sure it is correctly formatted and use email addresses instead of names whenever possible.
  • If you are sending to a huge number of individuals, make sure they are not running over the recipient limit.

I can't send email through OWA when I'm using Google Chrome

There is a known sending issue in OWA when Google Chrome has the Skype Toolbar installed. You will need to disable or uninstall the Skype Toolbar to restore sending functionality.

To disable the Skype Add-in, in Google Chrome:

  1. Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome button.
  2. Next, click Tools and then Extensions.
  3. You will Skype Toolbar Add-in listed.
  4. Click Disable or uninstall.

Why are my messages stuck in the Outlook outbox?

You may not be able to send email through your Outlook email client for several reasons.

  1. You may be experiencing network difficulties. Make sure you are connected to the internet and the Exchange server.
  2. Outgoing mail scanning may be enabled in your security/antivirus software of choice. This can cause issues with sending mail.
  3. There could be an authentication failure. Try to login to with your full UGAMail address and MyID password. (Note: First you will need to log out of OWA if you are logged in through If you can't login, then call the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.

My webmail interface looks different, claiming it is the "Outlook Web App, light version." How do I use the normal version?

  • The standard UGAMail webmail (OWA) will appear by default in supported web browsers (list available below):
  • If you changed a preference in the options menu, follow these steps in the Outlook Web App Light Version:
    1. Click on Options in the upper right hand corner.
    2. Select Accessibility in the left column.
    3. Uncheck Use the blind and low vision experience
    4. Click the Save button above.

Why can't I delete this folder? / What are the default folders in UGAMail?

Certain folders in UGAMail are there by default and cannot be deleted. These are different from the old UGAMail system. They are (old UGAMail in parentheses):

  • Deleted Items (Trash)
  • Junk E-Mail (Junk Mail)
  • Sent Items (Sent)
  • Drafts (Drafts)
  • Inbox (Inbox)

You may wish to configure your mail client to use these default folders (Outlook and Entourage will automatically), but it is not required.

How do I find message headers in UGAMail?

You can find Internet headers in Outlook and Outlook Web App, by doing the following:

  1. Open the mail message. In Outlook 2010, 2007, or Outlook Web App (OWA) Premium, double-click the message so that it opens in its own window.
    • In Outlook 2010, in the Tags group, click the dialog box launcher (small square with an arrow).
    • In Outlook 2007, in the Options group, click the dialog box launcher (small square with an arrow).
    • In the Outlook Web App, click the "Message Details" button (the icon is an envelope with a small document over it).
  2. The message headers are at the bottom of the window, in a box labeled "Headers:" or "Internet headers:".

Inserting headers into a e-mail message:

  1. Select all the headers by clicking and dragging the cursor from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the header text.
  2. Press Ctrl-C to copy the headers to the Clipboard.
  3. Create a new email message, click in its main text window, and press Ctrl-V to paste the headers.

Why did we choose Microsoft for our new email solution?

In support of the university's need to move forward with a new, more robust email, calendar, and collaboration suite, EITS has performed an extensive due diligence process over the past year to arrive at a solution that meets the needs of UGA students, faculty, and staff.

Campus surveys, focus groups, and a year-long pilot program involving student, faculty, and staff groups, including the Student Government Association, the student Society for Management Information Systems, and University Council, provided input into the needs and requirements for the new system. Input was also received from information technology groups on campus.

These surveys and discussions indicated requirements for larger quotas, an integrated email/calendar service, collaboration tools such as document sharing, mobile device support, and online file storage. As a result of this process, the University of Georgia Central Administration selected Microsoft’s Live@EDU service.