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WEPA Kiosk


What are the WEPA print kiosks?

WEPA (pronounced “wee-pah”) is "Wireless Everywhere. Print Anywhere." It allows students to print their documents from computers, Android and Apple devices, and USB flash drives. The company uses “cloud” technology to store print jobs for 96 hours until students can retrieve them from any one of the WEPA print kiosks at the University of Georgia campus in Athens.

Where are the kiosks located?

Print kiosks are located throughout the UGA main campus, Health Sciences Campus (HSC) and the Gwinnett campus. The WEPA kiosks are clearly marked with "Print Here" and the UGA Arch on the panels. The WEPA kiosk locations are:

  • Main Library, near reference desk
  • Main Library, fourth floor
  • Science Library, near reference desk
  • Law Library, printing room (two print kiosks)
  • Veterinary Science Reading Room, entrance
  • Joe Frank Harris Commons, main lobby
  • Snelling Dining Hall, main lobby
  • Oglethorpe Dining Hall, main lobby
  • Bolton Dining Hall, main lobby
  • Health Science Campus, Russell Hall, second floor
  • Graduate School Building, first floor, vending area
  • Ramsey Student Center, second floor, near room 213
  • Dawson Hall, first floor, near entrance from parking lot
  • Dawson Hall, second floor, near room 200
  • Biological Sciences, fourth floor, near room 404E
  • Park Hall, first floor, elevator lobby
  • Psychology, second floor, lobby
  • Gwinnett campus, first floor, room 128

The Miller Learning Center (MLC) features a number of print kiosks, which are available in lieu of consumer printers typically seen in computer labs. To print from a computer at the MLC, upload your document to WEPA's website or use one of the print drivers installed on the desktop. Print kiosks at the MLC are available at the following locations:

  • First floor, near room 147
  • Second floor, across from Jittery Joe's
  • Second floor, near room 251
  • Third floor, in the 3 East wing
  • Third floor, in the 3 West wing
  • Third floor, in 3 Central
  • Fourth floor, in the 4 East wing
  • Fourth floor, in the 4 West wing

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to print jobs?

The cost is $0.06 for black and white prints per a page, and $0.50 for color prints per a page. A $0.20 surcharge applies for each transaction paid with a credit/debit card. The additional surcharge can be avoided by paying with Bulldog Bucks or a WEPA account that has been deposited with at least $5.

How do I pay for my copies?

There are three options for paying for your WEPA print jobs — Bulldog Bucks, a WEPA account or credit card.

Those with Bulldog Bucks may swipe their card at the kiosks to pay for their print jobs. Bulldog Bucks is an online account-based debit card program that is available to those in a campus community with a valid MyID and password, including students, faculty and staff. Users may transfer money to their Bulldog Bucks accounts via its website (www.bulldogbucks.uga.edu) or by visiting its location during operating hours behind the UGA Bookstore.

A WEPA account may be established by visiting www.wepanow.com. An account may be established by clicking on “Register” on the WEPA home page. After registering, you may transfer money to your WEPA account to print jobs. WEPA requires a minimum deposit of $5 for its accounts.

You may also pay for your print jobs with a credit/debit card, although that will charge an additional $0.20 surcharge for each transaction. You cannot use cash to pay for print jobs at the WEPA kiosks.

How do I send my print jobs to a WEPA kiosk?

You have three options — Uploading your document(s) from your computer to WEPA’s website; downloading WEPA’s print driver software on your computer; or installing an Android or Apple mobile app to print directly from your smartphone. A fourth option is using a USB flash drive at a WEPA kiosk.

How do I print a document uploaded to WEPA’s website?

Users may upload files at www.wepanow.com. Once you are registered and logged in the site, click on “Print Now,” browse for your file, select your print options and upload your document. Then, click on “Send to WEPA” and it will be sent to any WEPA kiosk on campus. Once there, you will login, select your document, select your payment option and print your document.

How do I print a document on my personal computer using a WEPA print driver?

You must first install the drivers from the WEPA website:

  1. Login to your WEPA account at http://www.wepanow.com
    • Uses your MyID and MyID password.
  2. Select the "Drivers" Button.
  3. Select to install either the Mac or PC version drivers
  4. Open the file on your desktop.

Follow the instructions to install it on your personal computer or laptop. Once installed, if you want to print the current page or document displayed on your computer, click on “file” then “print” and select “WEPA” as your printer. Select your printing options as you normally would. You will be prompted for your username/password. Once you enter your username/password, click on “Proceed.” Your document(s) will be sent to the WEPA kiosk network and you will receive a six character “release code.” From the WEPA kiosk touch-screen, touch “Enter Release Code” and enter the release code you received. Then select your method of payment and print your documents.

How do I print a document directly from my mobile device — such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone?

You can download the WEPA app from the Apple Store for Apple mobile devices, or the WEPA app for Android mobile devices from Google Play. Please see the links below for more details and detailed instructions:

How do I print from a USB flash drive?

You can print directly from your USB flash drive at any WEPA kiosk. Simply touch "Print from USB,” insert your USB flash drive (your files will be displayed), select your file(s) you want to print, select your payment option and print. The USB flash drive feature doesn’t require you to have a WEPA account in order to print at a kiosk.

How long are my print jobs available at a kiosk?

Print jobs are available for 96 hours. After that, you may send them to the “cloud” again to be printed.

What documents will the WEPA kiosks print?

WEPA kiosks support any document that is able to be printed form a software application. In other words, if you can print to your own printer you can print to WEPA. From USB, the WEPA kiosks support Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Rich Text Format, and Adobe PDF documents along with Apple Pages, Keynote and Numbers applications. WEPA also supports JPG and BMP printing. Note: At this time, image printing is only available by using a USB jump-drive at the WEPA kiosk.

Can I use any WEPA kiosk on campus to print my jobs?


Does every kiosk offer color printing?

Yes. Every WEPA kiosk offers black and white, and color prints.

Can I print documents from a campus computer lab to a WEPA kiosk?


How do guests — those people who are not students, faculty or staff with a valid UGA myID and Bulldog Bucks — use WEPA?

They can create a WEPA account (www.wepanow.com), transfer funds into the account and send documents to a kiosk. Keep in mind that WEPA accounts must be deposited with at least $5 to avoid a $0.20 surcharge for each print transaction. Or, guests may insert a USB flash drive into a WEPA kiosk and print their documents. Guests would then have to pay with a credit card, which includes a $0.20 surcharge for each print transaction.

Who do I contact if I need technical support at a kiosk?

Contact WEPA at 1-800-675-7639 or help@wepanow.com.

Who do I contact if I need technical support uploading documents or installing print drivers?

Contact WEPA at 1-800-675-7639 or help@wepanow.com.

Do I have to create a separate WEPA account to use the print kiosks?

No, you can use your Bulldog Bucks or credit card to pay for prints. You can also print from a USB flash drive inserted into the kiosk, and pay with Bulldog Bucks or credit card at the kiosk.

What is the release code, and am I required to use it?

After you send your print job to the WEPA kiosk, you are given a six-digit “release code.” That code can then be entered at any kiosk on campus to release your document for printing. However, you are not required to use the release code, if you login with your user name and password. The release code is associated with just one print job. If you want to print more than one job, it suggested that you login with your user name and password. You can only print one print job once — meaning, once it’s printed, you can’t print the same document again without sending it to the WEPA “cloud.”

What are my other print options on campus?

You can print at computer labs available throughout campus. For a list of computer labs, including locations and hours of operation, visit http://eits.uga.edu/support/cts/computer_labs. You can also print copies at Print & Copy Services, located in the Tate Student Center. Print & Copy Services is opened at specified times. For operating hours, visit http://tate.uga.edu/services/printcopy.html.

Why is UGA offering these print kiosks?

Based on feedback from a student survey, we decided to offer print kiosks throughout campus. The kiosks are being funded by Student Technology Fees.

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