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When you access UGAMail by going to or, you are using the UGAMail webmail interface that is powered by Microsoft Outlook Web Access. This is the same email interface used for Outlook Live/Hotmail accounts. It is similar in look and feel to the Microsoft Outlook suite of Office products.

UGAMail Webmail FAQ

Commonly asked questions about the web interface are below:

How do I separate multiple email addresses in the "To:" field?

Use a semi-colon to separate multiple email addresses in the "To:" field (e.g. type;; Using a comma (,) will not work.

Advanced Features

There are many advanced features of UGAMail webmail (powered by the Outlook Web App or OWA). As an introduction to some of these features, the video includes demonstrations of the following:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigation
  • Right-click
  • Drag and Drop
  • Message Threading
  • Viewing document attachments in your web browser

Advanced Features Video

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard navigation is possible in the UGAMail webmail (powered by Microsoft Web App/OWA). You can control the interface just like Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and 2010, using arrow keys and hotkey combinations (e.g. ctrl+b for bold when composing a message), and more.

Microsoft has a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts usable throughout the webmail interface, available here:

Right Clicking

Nearly every item visible on the UGAMail webmail interface contains a context menu accessible by clicking with the right mouse button. This allows for a large number of options not readily available otherwise, such as:

Drag and Drop

  • Emails in your message list may be dragged and dropped into different folders in your folder list
  • Upcoming versions of OWA will support attachment drag&drop.

Message Threading

  • Messages and their replies are stored under the original email. Clicking on the small arrow to the left of the subject of a message will show its replies.
  • Clicking on an expanded threaded message will navigate to it in your viewing pane.

Turn Off Message Threading

  1. In the message list (the center column), there is text that reads “Arrange by:” By default, the text next to this reads, “Date” with a downward arrow to the right. Click this arrow.
  2. At the bottom of this list is “Conversation,” which is currently checked. Uncheck this, and it will reorganize your message list.
  3. Click the Save button.

Previewing Document Attachments

  • You can view a document attachment (e.g. Adobe .pdf, Microsoft Office Word .doc, etc) in your web browser without having the required program. Located next to compatible attachments will be the text "Open As Webpage." Clicking this will open a new window with the contents of your document.

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