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What is OneDrive?

OneDrive — formerly called SkyDrive — is a service provided by Microsoft for online file storage and sharing, as well as the creation of Office documents online. Account owners may upload files (up to 50 megabytes in size per file, with a 7 gigabyte quota) via the web interface or via third-party programs and create Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and OneNote files. These files may linked to individuals via web address, email, embedded into a web page, or shared through the OneDrive interface.

 This is for consumer use only. Please use OneDrive for Business for official UGA business.


  • 7 gigabytes worth of file storage
  • Share files directly with other OneDrive users
  • Create Office Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, OneNote notebooks, and Powerpoint presentations via the web.
  • Easily email and send links to uploaded files
  • Comment on friend's photos
  • Tag pictures of friends and colleagues
  • Publish Microsoft Office documents directly to your OneDrive.
  • Collaborate with others in document editing.
  • Upload entire folders worth of documents and images via the web interface.
  • Password protect files
  • Create groups
  • Calendar/Event Integration
  • Cloud sync--keep up to date copies of each file in your OneDrive across multiple devices!

How Do I Access OneDrive?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: EITS does not officially support this service.

Can you use OneDrive from any of the IMAP clients or as a network drive?

  • No. It is a web-only client right now. There are 3rd-party tools that will allow you to map folders in Windows Explorer, but these are not formally support by Microsoft due to security concerns. You can edit and save documents directly to OneDrive from the Office Suite (2007 or later only).

What is my OneDrive quota?

  • OneDrive allows up to 7 gigabytes worth of storage space.

Does OneDrive count against email quota (25GB)?

  • No, each service has its own separate quota.

Support Resource

OneDrive for Business