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How do I change my information in the online phonebook?


  • Change all address information via Athena. Specifically, under Student Records --> Change Address Information
  • Restrict directory information by enabling a FERPA Restriction. This is done by contact the Registrar's Office (706-542-4040).
  • Students wanting to change their name must fill out and submit a Name Change form to the Registrar's Office.


  • Change verified e-mail address by going to and follow the instructions to update the verified email address.
  • Contact a Departmental Human Resources representative to have all other information changed. This is typically an administrative person in the department who manages personnel reports with Human Resources. Once Human Resources makes the change it will be reflected in the online directory the next business day.
  • To change the contact information on the online directory immediately, send an email to and describe what needs changed. Contacting a Departmental HR representative will still be required to properly complete the change with Human Resources.

How do I restrict my information in the online phonebook?


  • Can remove or restrict the e-mail address by going to and following the instructions to exclude the email address.
  • All other information will be displayed on the online directory based on Human Resources data.


  • Students (including graduate students) can restrict their directory information by contacting the Registrar's Office at 706-542-4040.
    • The above process enables a FERPA restriction, which restricts other information as well. Read more about FERPA below.

What is a FERPA restriction?

A FERPA restriction is a privacy option. Details about FERPA can be found at:

Basically, FERPA has the following repercussions:

  • It removes all evidence of the individual from the online directory
  • It removes all evidence of the individual from the printed directory.
  • It removes the individual from any/all UGA press releases (this includes things like the published Dean's List)
  • It removes the individual from any/all Commencement Lists
  • If any third party contacts UGA to confirm information about a student (even legitimate ones like credit card companies or prospective employers), UGA cannot disclose any information on an individual by that name.
  • This restriction is persistent after graduation.

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