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OASIS Website.


Why isn't OASIS loading?

OASIS is a complex system and, as a result, there are many small factors that can inhibit your ability to access it from your computer. Most commonly, this is due to having an old version of Java (or none at all). The following fixes most issues with loading the applet:

Obtaining the latest Java software

  1. Install the latest version of Java by going to http://www.java.com
  2. Click the "Free Java Download" button on the main page.
  3. Choose the Windows XP/Vista/2000 online link and run the installer with all of its default options
  4. Restart the computer
  5. Try to load OASIS
  • Note: For various reasons, sometimes Java updates can break OASIS connectivity. If you are using a Windows PC, we recommend uninstalling all old versions of Java prior to installing the latest version.

Clearing out your Browser's Cache

If you answered NO to the security question OASIS asks when you clicked on the "OASIS" button, try deleting temporary internet files to re-load OASIS.

  • To delete your temporary internet files in Internet Explorer 6+:
    1. Click on the Start button.
    2. Go to Control Panel
    3. Windows 7 Users: Make sure View by: Small Icons is selected in the upper right corner. Windows Vista/XP: Select Switch to Category View.
    4. Click on Internet Options.
    5. Internet Explorer 6: click the "Delete Files" button and wait until it finishes, or click the "Delete" button under browsing history and follow the next step (version 7). Internet Explorer 7+:, a new window will appear. Click the "Delete files..." button under "Temporary Internet Files"
    6. Click "Close" then "OK" to close the windows.
  • To delete your temporary internet files in Firefox:
    1. Go to Tools
    2. Clear Recent History
    3. Select the "Privacy" button at the top
    4. Under the Time Range to Clear dropdown, choose Everything.
    5. Place a checkmark next to "Cache" and remove checkmarks for all other entries. Press "Clear Now"
  • Once you have cleared out these files from your browser, close all windows and try to load OASIS again. If the security warning appears again, and answer YES to the window that asks "Do you want to trust this item from Jacada Ltd.?"

Clearing Java Cache for Version Mismatch Error

If you receive an error message that claims there is a version mismatch, you may need to clear your Java cache:

  • For Windows:
  1. Close your web browser
  2. Click on the Start button and go to Control Panel
  3. Select Java (in classic view; in Windows 7, choose "View by: Small Icons")
  4. Select the "Settings" button under Temporary Internet Files in the General tab
  5. Select the "Delete Files" button
  6. Open your web browser and try again
  • For Mac OS X (this may not work in Safari, only Firefox):
  1. Close your web browser
  2. Open the Finder
  3. Open the Applications folder
  4. Open the Utilities folder
  5. Open Java Preferences
  6. At the bottom of the Network tab click Delete Files and then make sure all three boxes are checked on the popup window and click 'OK'
  7. Open your web browser and try again

Trying a Different Web Browser

If the above three steps have failed to solve your problems accessing Oasis, we recommend trying a different web browser in the place of your primary one. Mozilla Firefox generally has the fewest problems accessing Oasis.

If you still experience problems, contact the Registrar's Office at 706-542-4040 for questions regarding OASIS during regular business hours. After hours assistance may be obtained by contacting the us at (706) 542-3106.

What is my OASIS PIN?

  • If you are logging into OASIS for the first time, your OASIS PIN, by default, is your birthdate in six digit format. For example, if you were born on September 9th, 1990, your OASIS pin would be "090990"
  • If you have previously logged into OASIS and are unable to use the "Forgot Your PIN?" process in the OASIS login screen that uses your Student ID and OASIS PIN (not the MyID login screen), please contact the Registrar's Office at 706-542-4040.
    • If at all possible, please always use your MyID to log into OASIS.

Why is there a blue bar covering most of Oasis?

For the most part, this appears to be a compatibility problem with new versions of the Java software and other programs that may be running on the machine. The easiest way to correct this is to download and install an older version of the Java software. Detailed instructions may be found below:


Why won't some links work in Oasis?

Certain links within Oasis attempt to take your browser to another website (e.g. Student Accounts, financial aid information). If your pop-up blocker is enabled when trying to click these links, they may not open. View the following site for instructions on how to disable the pop-up blocker:


I forgot my OASIS PIN. Can you reset it for me?

The Registrar's Office is the only department that can reset an OASIS PIN. They can be reached via telephone at 542-4040 between the 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Call them and request to reset your OASIS PIN. Your PIN will be reset to your date of birth in a six digit format (mmddyy).

NOTE: If the wrong Personal Identification Number (PIN), is entered three times when trying to log in to OASIS, access will be revoked. The error message that will display in OASIS will be User Access Revoked- Contact Registrar.

How do I get a copy of my transcript from UGA?

See the following information from the Registrar's Office website:


Why can I not print from my Mac computer?

Mac users will experience the error message, "Application does not have permission to print" when attempting to print a screen in web Oasis. The best way around this is to take a screenshot of the OASIS window using the "Grab" app.

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