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What is MyDrive/MyWeb?

MyDrive is networked file storage service provided to anyone with a MyID account. MyWeb refers to the personal webhosting service that is a part of MyDrive. MyWeb websites can be accessed in the url form of, where myid is your MyID username.

MyWeb/MyDrive Service to End June 30, 2014

Effective June 30, 2014, the University of Georgia will no longer offer the MyWeb/MyDrive service.

The MyWeb/MyDrive service is part of a campus-wide license for specific products that will not be renewed after June 30, 2014. There are alternatives to MyWeb/MyDrive.

  • For MyDrive, OneDrive is available for free to all UGA students, faculty and staff.
  • For MyWeb:
    • There are webpage hosting options in eLearning Commons (eLC) for instructional purposes.
    • EITS offers website hosting services for University departments and student organizations.

If you have additional questions about MyWeb/MyDrive, including alternatives, please contact the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106 or EITS is available to discuss alternatives for MyWeb/MyDrive.

How Do I Access MyWeb/MyDrive?

There are multiple ways of accessing and modifying files in MyDrive:

  • Use a browser and go to the MyDrive website (
    • Files can be added and downloaded through this interface.
  • Secure FTP (available to anyone with a MyID account at or other FTP software, such as Cyberduck.
    • MyDrive/MyWeb uses FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS)
    • Server:
    • Username: MyID
    • Password: MyID Password
  • Dreamweaver Users May Need to Contact the EITS Help Desk for additional Support
 Note: any file added to the "WWW" directory will be publicly available from the web 
 (e.g. uploading index.html to this folder will make it available at . File names are case-sensitive).

Please see the main article: Connecting to MyDrive/MyWeb.

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