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What Is eLearning Commons New?

eLearning Commons New is a virtual learning environment that is used by UGA for electronic learning. The flexibility of the course design tools makes this environment appealing to both the technical novice and to the experienced developer of online courses. Instructors can add to their eLC courses various interactive tools such as discussion boards and live chat tools, along with content such as syllabi, class notes, quizzes, and grade postings. eLC New will replace eLearning Commons by spring 2014.

ELC New Frequently Asked Questions

Is my class in eLC or eLC New?

You should check with your professor to confirm which version of eLearning Commons they are utilizing this semester.

How do I copy/paste information?

Your browser may not allow you to use the Right-click function properly in some parts of eLC-New. If this occurs, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+c to copy highlighted text to your clipboard, and use Ctrl+v to paste. On a Mac, copy and paste is command+c and command+v, respectively.

ELC New Help

Contact the EITS Help Desk to speak with an ELC consultant, or submit a web request to the EITS Help Desk.

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