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UGA Webhosting's Standard Edition offeres a powerful, secure, multi-tier environment. Professional sites can be developed and tested before being deployed into production. Scripts run more securely than ever before. An array of web servers provides fault tolerance.



Extra Features/services

Domain Redirection allows you to redirect visitors to your real, ugly URL from a pretty, branded domain name.

Not Included

  • ASP
  • Programming Support
  • Web Design Assistance

Requesting an Account Creation, Redirection or Removal

University-affiliated organizations and Departments may request space on the Campus Web Server. Account requestors should review the terms of service to ensure that they meet eligibility requirements.

Requests for deletion and removal of space should be made via e-mail to the EITS Helpdesk ( First, download any content that you want to keep. Once the account is removed, your files will no longer be available on the server. Create a file called "deletemyaccount" in your home directory.

If you want to redirect visitors to a new site, see "Redirecting Visitors". Please also create a file called "redirectmyaccount" in your home directory. We will keep your redirect and account in place for one year.

Managing Site Content

  • Web Hosting Account Information - Information about your web hosting account MyID
  • Logging In - You may use SSH, SFTP clients, including openssh, Putty, Pscp, Dreamweaver, Fugu, Secure FTP, etc to securely manage your content
  • Where to upload your stuff- content will be in public_html, while scripts (other than PHP) should remain in cgi-bin
  • Scripts - how to get CGI scripts to work in your site
  • Command-line Basics - content is hosted on a Linux server; here are some basic commands for those who choose to use SSH


Do not assume that your content is secure! The UGA Webhosting servers a shared resource. Compromise of any account can affect tens of thousands of people. There are measures that will bolster security, though.

Also, as site maintainers change, please have the site maintainer registered in our system contact us to pass the torch.

Advertising Your Site

To have others find your site, search for appropriate locations on the main UGA web page and request a hyperlink to your page. If your page used to be hosted elsewehere, you may want to redirect users from your old site.

You'll probably also want to optimize your site for search engines. Google currently has the lion's share of the search market. So, it makes sense to optimize your site for Google. Usually, the same techniques will help your ranking in other engines, such as MSN and Yahoo.

Site Statistics

These days, it's not enough to have a site. You'll want to know who your visitors are, which pages are most popular, and from where your traffic is referred.

There are many, many tools that can help you. So as not to offend or give undue bias, here's a link to a search of the phrase "web site statistics". Check out the top twenty listings, at least.

We do not give access to access nor error logs at this time. So, a web-based tracker is the way to go.

Terms of Service

Users of the Campus Web Service must abide by the terms of service. You must keep your maintain the currency of your site. Sites whose owners fail to regularly change the primary system password will be subject to deletion.

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